Kids parties from 1 to 6

Kids parties for the youngest: a birthday with a fairy-tale character, theme parties, puppet theatre, clown.

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Kids parties from 6 to 9

Children's parties on various topics: Tom and Jerry, Trip Round the World, balloon party etc.

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Kids parties from 9 to 14

Teenage parties with DJ, karaoke and very attractive entertainments.

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End-of-year party in the school

Suitable for: 7-14 years old

Duration: 120 мин.

The party includes: Professional entertainer , a DJ with audio equipment, face painting, fun themed races or competitions, disco, a candy treasure, candles, a fountain and flares on the cake

Description: A joyful and organized celebration with lots of games, dancing and surprises for children. The party is held following an original storyline that intrigues the children and challenges them to participate in the adventures. The games and dances are taken into account with the age of the youngsters. A solemn, funny and different holiday.

Price: BGN Book a party

Christmas party

Suitable for: 1-13 years old

Duration: 120 мин.

The party includes: Professional animator dressed in a Dwarf or Snow White costume, a DJ with audio sound equipment, Christmas decoration, face painting for all the children, Christamas games and songs, Santa Claus giving presents for the kids

Description: Christmas has come! Finally it`s time for games, sweets, surprises and… vacation!!!If you have decided that this is the year to hold an extra Christmas party, we can make your vision a reality. You only need to invite Snow White or the funny dwarf to your celebration. The special guest will entertain the children with dances, games, bubbles and glitter tattoos at home, in the office, at school or kindergarten as well. They will make this day exciting and hard to forget.At the end of this truly magical party Santa will bring special gifts for his little friends!

Price: BGN Book a party

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